Your Wellbeing Deserves Sustainability

It's time for more...





It's time to take a wholistic approach to self-care.

Self-care is more than bubble baths and massages. Self-care is more than yo-yo diets and trendy fitness routines.

Self-care means tending to our mind, body and spirit together as one so we can stay grounded in who we want to be, living wholly for ourselves and our communities.

Our goal is to make longstanding, wholistic wellness easier. 

Here's a start:


🌟 Develop authentic guiding principles⁣
🌟 Identify autopilot living⁣
🌟 Create more confidence, calm and connection in life and at work⁣
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An online course designed to help you stay grounded in who you want to be, stand firm in your boundaries and keep the promises you've made to yourself—no matter what.

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An online course designed to create a thriving self-aware workforce and authentically connected teams—whether virtual or in-person. 

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Your community for recipes, nutrition, body movement, mindset coaching and financial planning. One login. All the benefits.

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I'm Julia, founder of The Growth Collective, or the GC for short.

I believe when we live as our whole selves, we can build whole communities. And whole communities inspire whole societies.

It means a lot to me that you're here. Investing some time in your wellbeing means you're investing in yourself and a better world for us all. 

I created the GC because I was tired of feeling stressed while managing multiple wellness apps, budget spreadsheets and fitness account logins. Talk about counter-productive! 

Doing life is hard. Shouldn't it be easier to try and do it well?

If you agree, you're in the right place.