Core Values Academy

An online course to help you live and lead with purpose, confidence, connection and authenticity.


Values are the characteristics and behaviors that motivate us and guide our decisions. They are our True North in all aspects of life: career, relationships, finances, personal wellness, fun/recreation and family.

When we know and live our core values, we feel more grounded and confident. We are able to more deeply connect with ourselves and others. Saying "no" becomes easy, difficult conversations just become conversations and we approach life and work with a greater sense of calm. 


What makes the Core Values Academy different from other personal and professional growth tools? 

Myers–Briggs, DiSC and Enneagram are often what we turn to when looking to gain self-awareness or create a common culture around personality types. And while those are great tools, they produce acronyms or numbers that mean nothing to those who haven't taken the assessments, and they leave something to be desired when understanding how to actually implement the learnings in our daily lives.

The Core Values Academy is different because:

  • Participants are guided through an exercise that helps them discover their top 5 core values, which are relatable words that anyone inside or outside the course can understand.
  • Participants personally define how each value comes to life for them, giving them individual meaning and real-life action. 
  • The course uses the latest neuroscience to help participants understand how their brains function and why it's so easy to be out of touch with their core values.
  • The course provides an assessment covering 9 key areas of life so participants can effectively see where they are living and not living their values.
  • The course provides five research-backed tips participants can use to put their values into action every day.

"To me, what's most important is the way we show up. Our being rather than our doing. This course offers a standard operating procedure, or an SOP, for each person's authentic, optimal way of being."

Lyndsay Morris, Core Values Academy Participant and Founder of Generation Wellness

Are We Living Our Values? 

We live in a world where most of us are out of touch with our TRUE core values. These aren’t the values we’ve been told we “should” have; they’re the values that resonate so deeply the hairs on our arms stand up. We live in a world where 95% of decisions are made on autopilot, or from our subconscious brain. This means we aren't consciously designing the lives we want to lead or how we want to show up in that life—at work, at home, for ourself, for others.

How Can the Core Values Academy Help? 

The Core Values Academy was built to provide participants the tools they need to authentically, confidently and proactively design the life they want to live and become the leader they want to be. The course is self-paced, though most participants complete it in three hours. Through video instruction, hands-on activities and supporting resources, Core Values Academy participants walk away with their top five core values and guidance on how to put them into action every day. Built from principles, tools and assessments from leadership, mindfulness and coaching trainings, the Core Values Academy helps business leaders, parents, educators, writers and anyone looking to live and lead with purpose, authenticity and deeper connection. 


Here’s What's Covered in the Core Values Academy:

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Understanding Your Brain

A look into our subconscious and conscious minds.

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Identifying Autopilot Living

How to identify when you’re living on autopilot.

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Conscious Living

How to live more from your conscious mind.

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Why Do Values Matter?

Yep, you guessed it. We’ll answer why values matter here.

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Life Assessment

An assessment looking at 9 key areas of life, including: Career, Fun/Recreation, Finances, Physical Environment, Personal Growth, Health/Wellbeing, Friends and Family. 

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Values Exercise

A guided exercise that allows you to uncover your true, top 5 core values.

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Reflection of Life Assessment + Values

Guided reflection of your life assessment results and top 5 values. 

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Put Your Values Into Action

Five research-backed tips for how to live and lead with your values every day. 

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Complete the course in 30 days and receive quote posters, a PDF on How to Improve Emotional Intelligence and more.

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Meet Your Course Facilitator - Julia Amato

I’m a Life and Leadership Coach, and I’ve been a communicator in the environmental sector for nearly 20 years. I’m also a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, a neighbor and someone who cares deeply about her community. I created this course for three main reasons. One, the principles, tools and assessments offered here have helped me tremendously in my own life and career, and I want others to experience the same clarity, calm and confidence that I’ve gained. Two, I believe only when we truly know and love ourselves can we truly know and love others. And in a world that breeds division, I want to guide people to better know and love themselves so we can effectively work together to create a thriving future. And three, I’m here for our kids. The precious souls who will inherit the values we teach them and the world we leave them. We owe it to them to be our best and to leave them the world they deserve. 

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