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What’s going on in our personal lives has always affected our professional lives, and now we’ve seen just how real that is. 

We can no longer deny the absolute necessity of creating inclusive and understanding workspaces for employees to “bring their whole selves to work.”

We believe that by providing staff with the tools they need to better know themselves, they'll be able to confidently and comfortably engage more deeply, more authentically and more collaboratively with each other.

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How do we create an environment where people can safely bring their whole selves to work? 

We know that having shared organizational core values can help keep staff engaged and motivated, therefore raising performance and productivity levels. When employees respect and believe in a company’s values, they often obtain a greater understanding of their job role and how they can help achieve business goals. 

So, what if we created a culture where we understood each employee’s personal core values, too? What would it look like if employees shared the same respect toward each other as they did for the business?

When we know each other’s personal core values:

  • We develop deeper connections with one another
  • We can navigate personnel issues with greater ease and grace
  • We get to the root of what motivates certain reactions or responses
  • We know how to better communicate and work with one another 

Knowing our colleagues’ core values is similar to understanding their personality type or Enneagram...but better. 

"A courageous culture connects its values to specific behaviors so people know what is expected, encouraged, and rewarded within their team and organization."

Brené Brown, Dare to Lead Author & Researcher

What makes this program different? 

Myers–Briggs, DiSC and Enneagram are often what we turn to when looking to gain self-awareness or create a better work culture among teams. And while those are great tools, they produce acronyms or numbers that mean nothing to those who haven't taken the assessments, and they leave something to be desired when understanding how to actually implement the learnings in our daily lives.

This program is different because:

  • Participants are guided through an exercise that helps them (re)discover their top 5 core values, which are relatable words that anyone inside an organization can understand, whether they participated in the training or not.
  • Participants personally define how each value comes to life for them, giving them individual meaning and real-life action. 
  • Participants are given the space to share their values and how they bring them to life with their colleagues.
  • Participants have the space to look at shared and divergent personal core values to discuss how their team is a sum of their collective parts
  • Participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their colleagues, providing the foundation for meaningful connection and respectful communication.
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"To me, what's most important is the way we show up. Our being rather than our doing. This program offers a standard operating procedure, or an SOP, for each person's authentic, optimal way of being."

Lyndsay Morris, Founder of Generation Wellness

Meet Your Facilitator—Julia Amato


I'm an ICF-Certified Life and Leadership Coach, and I’ve worked in the environmental sector building teams and communities for nearly 20 years.

I'm also a big sister, a mom and a wife. I was a D.A.R.E role model in the sixth grade. A peer mediator in high school. My friends' most trusted confident. A teammate. A journalist. A naturalist. A teambuilder.

None of these things are the same, but they all have one thing in common. Each requires active listening—to others, to nature, to science, to myself. I've been listening my whole life, and a good coach is a great listener.

I listen intently and without judgement. I ask questions. A lot of them. I connect dots, and I help people find their truest, most beautiful way in life and in leadership.

My mission is to help you live yours.

Coaching Credentials:

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What Clients Have Shared:

Daniel, Team Lead at Airbnb

"This program enabled my team to reach a new level of high performance. By identifying our shared and divergent core values, we've created clarity in why we feel connected to our work, which in turn cultivates trust, partnership and productivity."

Lyndsay Testimonial

Ryn, Life Coach

"Julia's coaching is transformative, and I do not use that word lightly. She comes to the work with openness and a calm, honest presence that immediately put me at ease. What stood out to me the most is how I felt truly seen and respected for who I am in the moment as well as my potential within. Julia helps create clarity on a path forward that would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve on one's own."

Lyndsay Testimonial

Lyndsay, Generation Wellness Founder

"This course breaks the cycle of autopilot living, shifting to an intentional way of living from the inside out. Julia is a master teacher that leads participants through simple exercises to create a system for your optimal way of being. Thank you for this profound course that has already changed my life!"

Natalie, Financial Planning VP

"The Core Values Academy helped me put into words what my personal core values actually are. Prior to the course, I would recite cookie cutter values. Now, I have a set of meaningful, actionable principles to re-ground myself against and reflect upon when life gets tough."

Connie Testimonial

Connie, Market Researcher

"I did not anticipate the deeper work that would reveal itself under Julia's direction. I've made steps toward both my large and small dreams. Being capable of these things on my own wasn't the issue; knowing where to start and how to maintain momentum is another. Julia has helped me do exactly that!"

Blake Testimonial

Blake, Art Director

"Julia's coaching and exercises have helped me discover and develop who I am and also who I am not."

Tom, Small Business Owner

"I benefited greatly from the Core Values Academy. The most important thing for me was seeing how out of balance my life has become. Family, friends and recreation were very low on the life assessment. I'm making small adjustments regularly, and now I have a clear path to get where I want to be."

Blake Testimonial

Khara, Working Mother

"Not being my authentic self was impacting so many areas of my life. I was living on autopilot in my personal life, at work, as a mother. I wasn't present. I remember Julia saying "how do you want to show up in life?" and that has become a mantra for me. I now have the skills and tools to live my life with more clarity and more intentionally. I cannot thank Julia enough."

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